About Us

Alexis Concrete Construction has been in business for 3 years but it is the only trade we have stuck to ever since we started working.

My dad has 20+ years of experience and I have 9 years, along with our entire team being experienced concrete finishers!

We are family owned and operate locally here in Fort Wayne, IN & service the surrounding areas. Our team will work with you to get the exact look your home needs & bring you the strength & durability of a concrete driveway or patio while offering very competitive pricing!

We also offer decorative or stamp concrete for those who want a little more than a basic concrete slab. Providing endless colors, textures & designs! Some of these patterns include: wood, slate, stone, brick, etc.

We are fully licensed, insured and focus on high quality concrete installation.

First our design team will work with you to develop a functional yet appealing design that meets your needs and also put a smile on your face every time you walk or drive up to your newly installed concrete.

Our team will then assess the property & determine if we need to remove the existing concrete or if we can install over what is already there.

We may need to further excavate to add a stone base material so the ground is stable enough to support the new concrete structure or vehicles & avoid any settling or cracking of the newly installed concrete.

We will ensure that the project sight is properly graded so it is at the right slight angle for rain water to fall away from your home & to make sure their is no standing, pooling or ponding water.

We will then form your driveway or whatever concrete project you have in mind! Which is essentially the outline of your structure that will be laid at the right width & depth to accommodate all the heavy vehicle traffic coming in and out of your home.

The concrete will finally be placed professionally by our team into the form with either a concrete buggy or a ready mix truck depending on the area where concrete needs placed. Always using the best concrete mixtures available which are mixed at the ready mix plant! When your new concrete structure is sealed & dry it will be ready to drive on, walk on & enjoy your time outdoors for many years ahead!

We have dedicated our work ethics to providing top quality concrete for your home having curb appeal, lower life cycle expenses ,durability, cool pavement, load bearing capacity.
Working hands on with every client to meet their needs! That way friendly customer satisfaction is met every time!

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